Club Events and National Events – What’s the difference?

DockDogs® has many affiliate clubs throughout Canada and the United States. These clubs operate as non-profit organizations and run by a board of volunteers. The objective of the clubs is to promote the sport of dock jumping and to host fun days, practices and competitions. Ontario’s only club currently is Ontario DockDogs.

Ontario DockDogs typically hosts a few club events each year in addition to our other activities (fun days, practices etc.). At our club events we offer Big Air®, Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog.

DockDogs® Worldwide (the sanctioning body) will also hold a few national events throughout Ontario each year. These operate very similarly to our club events, however, there are some variations in the divisions and the way the events are judged. Some National events are “Wild Card” events where you can earn an invite to compete at the DockDogs® World Championships. The 2020 DockDogs® World Championships will be held in Dubuque, Iowa October 20-25, 2020.

The main differences between club and national events are:

  • Judging – Club events use two certified judges to judge the Big Air® jumps, whereas a national event uses a camera system to judge. Both methods are very accurateAt a club event, Speed Retrieve is scored using two manual timers. National events use an electronic timing system.

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