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Board Members

PRESIDENT – Samantha Turner with “Quinn” and “Spark” – Courtice, ON
Quinn started dock diving and never looked back! Since he started competing Quinn in 2018 has qualified for worlds every year. Quinn is currently the Top Ranked Iron Dog Golden Retriever for 2019 and 2020 (as well as the top ranked Golden Retriever in EV). Has been the top ranked EV Golden every year since 2019. He was also a finalist at the DockDogs World Championship in 2022 for Iron Dog Titan and Big Air Senior.
Quinn’s personal bests are 21’3” in Big Air, 6’10” in Extreme Vertical, 6.256 seconds in Speed Retrieve and 2929.89 in Iron Dog.

Spark is looking forward to her dock diving debut in 2022.

VICE PRESIDENT – Jen Esplen & “Cooper” , “Max” , “Jessie” and “Limit” -Bowmanville, ON
Dock dogs found Jen in 2013 when her GSP pup couldn’t stay out of the water. Cooper’s first season on the dock saw him posting elite jumps in big air and grabbing over 6 feet consistently in EV. He even liked and did SR during that season. Since then the fun hasn’t stopped. Super Coop shares his practice time on the dock with his older sister Jesse and his younger brother Mad Max the Mini Schnauzer.
Personal bests for Jen and Cooper include 25’3 in big air, and 7’4 for EV. SR remains a work in progress, with scores ranging from 7.00 seconds to 30 seconds. ID can be anywhere from high Titan to Warrior scores. Jen teaches dock diving for K9 Central out of Bowmanville and enjoys every minute of helping new people and dogs get a taste of the fun.
TREASURER – Rachel Cassel with “Kyah” and “Lily” – Brantford, ON
*Bio coming soon*
SECRETARY – Leslie Robinson with “Maple”, “Primrose” and “Betty”  – Whitby , ON
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VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Rebecca Raby with “Maeve” – Courtice, ON
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DIRECTOR – Peter Hanmore with “Murphy” – Peterborough, ON
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DIRECTOR – Cheryl Hart with “Pivot”, “Vision”, “Pink” and “Luxury” – Newcastle, ON
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Dawn Farah with “Jynx”, “Krooz” and “Ghost” – Bradford, Ontario
Years ago, when DockDogs first came to Ontario, Dawn Farah tried her speedy little flyball dog, Jynx, at the sport and became instantly hooked. Jynx, a border collie/terrier mix was one of the biggest jumpers from the beginning even competing against much larger dogs, winning Lap Dog of Year Awards in 2007 and 2010. In 2008, when Speed Retrieve started, Jynx also proved to be a natural at that. In fact, she was invited to the World Championships that year, earning second place in the finals, and will always have the distinction of being the first lap dog to compete and the first Canadian dog to place at Worlds. Dawn is certified as an advanced SportMutt trainer, specializing in helping new dogs and owners get off the dock and into the pool and she is always available to assist at our events. Jynx is now a veteran dog, at nine years of age, and doesn’t fly quite as far as she used to, but she still loves the sport as much as ever.
Kristina Bailey with “Askum, Panic”, “Shock Wave” and “Calypso” – Bradford, Ontario
Kris and ShockI started dock diving in 2006 with Panic my Blue Merle Border Collie. Shock a BC/Border Terrier/Jack Russel cross came into my life in 2012 and he was a natural, he is a Lap Dog, his favorite is Speed Retrieve and Dueling Dogs, Shock has received a world invite every year and now 10 years old still has lots of game in him. Calypso a Sport Mix came to me in 2016, she was 3 1/2, another Lap Dog who excels in everything she does, Big Air, Speed Retrieve and Frisbee and has also received World Invites every year. Both hold titles in Speed Retreive and Big Air. My favorite part of being a member is the friendships we have made over the years, several who have become my best friends and are family to this day.
Shannon Murphy with “Luna” – Ajax, ON
Shannon caught the DockDogs fever in 2014, when she started using the pool at K9 Central for physiotherapy for her Labrador Zoe, that had suffered a CFE. The following summer Shannon started to train her young Labrador Luna on the dock and entered their first competition in October 2015, where Luna earned her first title in Novice Big Air at 2 years old. The 2016 season Luna improved her dock diving skills going from a Novice jumper to a Senior jumper and learned speed retrieve. Luna earned herself an invite to compete at the DockDogs Worlds Championships in Dubuque, Iowa where Luna placed 3rd in Junior! In 2017 Luna continued to improve, earning Junior and Senior Big Air titles and Express and Turbo Speed Retrieve titles and learned Extreme Vertical. Luna earned herself an invite to compete for her second year in a row at the DockDogs Worlds Championships in Senior Big Air and Speed Retrieve Express in Knoxville, Tennessee. Luna made finals for speed retrieve express and finished 5th overall. Luna’s personal best are 21.2″-BA, 6.692- SR, 5.8″-EV.
Melissa Doren with “Guinness” , “Stella” and “Cider” – Mississauga, ON
Melissa found out about Ontario DockDogs in 2010 shortly after she got her first Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy “Guinness”. Wanting an activity to keep her new little redhead busy that didn’t require a lot of training, DockDogs seemed like a great fit – especially with a cottage to practice at! Guinness made his first official leaps at 8 months of age jumping straight into the Junior Division and has earned his Master title and a personal best of 24 feet. Guinness has been the top ranked Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever with DockDogs Worldwide in 2012-2015. Guinness has also attended the DockDogs World Championships in Canton, Ohio in 2011 and in Dubuque, Iowa 2012-2016 and 2019 and Knoxville, Tennessee in 2017-2018
At the end of 2013 “Stella”, a mixed breed, joined the family and took her first official leaps off the dock in 2015. She had a slow start to her dock diving career but has earned her senior title and has a personal best of 18’6. “Cider” a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever joined the family in the summer of 2021 and will hopefully make his debut in the 2022 season. Away from the dock, Melissa and the dogs train in a multitude of other dog sports including agility, obedience, rally, disc and field. They are also members of the Woofjocks and can be seen occasionally performing in places like Canada’s Wonderland and local fairs. Melissa was a director on the 2011 ODD board and the president for the 2012-2013 and 2016-2018 seasons. She is also a Registered Veterinary Technician.
Sharon Whitsitt with “Cairo” Oshawa – , ON
Cairo is a Belgian Malinois. He is my first dog. I have always had a love for animals and enjoyed many years competing with my Quarter Horses before Cairo came into my life. I knew that I had to keep a dog like Cairo physically and mentally challenged so I started my search for things for him to do. We started with puppy obedience and then IPO training and flyball. I met Morgan Jarvis when I took Cairo to K9 Central for day boarding. She suggested that we try him in the pool. We signed Cairo up for Dock Diving lessons with Jen and he LOVED it! Cairo loves all games but Dock Diving is definitely his favourite! A highlight for Cairo and I was receiving an award for 2018 Worldwide Top Ranked EV Cadet Team.
Cairo’s Personal Bests:
Iron Dog – 2894.65 (Titan)
Big Air – 19’6”
Extreme Vertical – 6’4”
Speed Retrieve – 6.952 seconds
Joanne and Jim Casey with “Neeka” and “Clementine” – Tillsonburg, ON
Joanne and Neeka, a lab mix, took their first dock diving class the summer of 2016, however, it would take until 2018 before the team gathered the courage to join Ontario Dock Dogs, with the intention of only going to a “couple” events for fun. Those couple events lead to multiple Club and National Events, a Demo put on by Ontario Dock Dogs, 4 weeks of Houseleage Tournament and a trip to the Dock Dogs World Championships in Knoxville, Tennessee. Needless to say 2018 was a busy year. The team was hooked on the sport. The Casey Clan added a new member in March of 2020. Clementine, a great dane mix, took her first dock diving class on her 6 month birthday. While Clementine is a bit fussy what dock she jumps off from, she does enjoy the sport and keeps Joanne guessing what she will do next.
Deloni Leslie with “Safari Ari” – Leamington, ON
“Safari” is the Swahili word for “journey” and this shepherd/collie mix is always up for an adventure! Safari – or Ari for short – went from her first competition in August 2015 to placing second in Speed Retrieve (Nitro division) at the World Championships in November 2016.   Safari-Ari’s personal bests are 22’3” in Big Air, 5’10” in Extreme Vertical, and 5.857 seconds in Speed Retrieve.  She is currently the #1 ranked dog in Canada for Speed Retrieve and hopes to defend that title throughout the 2017 season.   Safari-Ari and Deloni are grateful to have been welcomed into the DockDogs family and can’t wait to see you on the dock!
Sheena Van Den Bergh with “Bosco”, “Ryker”, “Lyra”, “Boomerang” and “Kona” – West Flamborough, ON
untitled (48)*Bio Coming Soon*
Carmen Heron with “Jimmy” – Burlington, ON
untitled (48)Mickey 9 year old Australian Shepherd. Diving since he was 10 months old. Iron Dog. Junior jumper who loves to wow the crowd catching his toy when diving. 3 time World Invitee.I had seen a couple of DockDogs events over the years and I had always thought “Wow, it would be soooo cool to have a dog that would do that!” But I loved the American Eskimo breed so it didn’t seem likely…but then Jimmy came to me … a neglected, unsocialized 1 year old foster dog in May 2012, and he quickly stole my heart. After a couple of months watching him fling himself into our backyard pool, I decided “Why not try it? Maybe he’ll jump” and signed up. He did jump, and we both had a blast! We’ve been hooked ever since! As far as I can tell, Jimmy is the only American Eskimo Dog who has ever recorded jumps with Ontario DockDogs and DockDogs Worldwide! Jimmy has 3 canine companions at home including his bff, Jett, who is his most enthusiastic cheerleader but isn’t too sure about the whole jumping thing…
Sue Schultz with “Mickey” and “Maddie” – Buffalo, New York
untitled (48)FullSizeRenderTeam Can-AM!!Mickey 9 year old Australian Shepherd. Diving since he was 10 months old. Iron Dog. Junior jumper who loves to wow the crowd catching his toy when diving. 3 time World Invitee.Maddie is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd Dog. master titled. 2017 world invitee. 2017 number one Australian Shepherd Big Air. Iron Dog in the making, if she feels like it
Linda Torson with “Ziva”, “Zulu” & “Jagger” – Doylestown, OH
My heart dog Bosco got me into the sport in 2007 and absolutely loved it. I also competed with Duncan for 2 years. Ziva at one time was Spartan, Super Elite and High Flyer titled but is unfortunately now on the down slope. Zulu is Gladiator, Master, Nitro and Top Gun titled and can’t wait to see what our new boy may do.
Mandy Lytle with “Ali-Gator” & “Maisie” Leamington – , ON
My team Belly Flopp’n Malinois stated competing in 2017 with Maisie. Maisie has qualified for worlds each year she has competed and has attended every year they we could cross the border. In 2019 Maisie was the top ranked dog for Cadet extreme vertical. In 2020 we added Ali-gator to our team. Her first year competing in 2021 she titled as a master jumper with a personal best jump of 22.9 at 1.5 years old. I can’t wait to see what Ali brings to the sport.
Hannah Robinson with “Maple”, “Primrose” & “Betty” Whitby – , ON
My name is Hannah and I am a 14 year old Junior Handler competing in Big Air, Speed Retrieve and hopefully this year in Extreme Vertical. I first fell in love with this sport when I watched a tournament at K9 Central. It was so exciting and so much fun, I had to be a part of this amazing community! I train my two Golden Retrievers Maple and Prim after school and on weekends. Proudly, my dog Prim and I are the 2021 Canadian Champions for the Youth Handler Division. Currently I’m training my puppy Bold Betty to compete in dock. 2022 will be Bold Betty’s rookie season. I love competing in this sport, but it’s the most fun because my dogs love it just as much as I do. I hope to see you on the Dock!
Carol Douglas with “YOLO” & “Option” Burlington – , ON
DD for me started out just renting a pool about 9 years ago with friends and dogs fast forward a couple years later and the pandemic hit. Flyball, agility and disc were pretty much non-existent so we started competing on the dock. YOLO obtained his Iron Dog last year and something I wanted to try was Dueling Dogs because it was similar to flyball and we were able to compete last season. We added a sport mix (Option) last year and he jumped from the ramp with no hesitation as a wee pup. This season he will be introduced to the dock 🙂
Grant Dicker with “Storm” Caledonia – , ON
Started dock diving when covid all but shut down flyball. Storm took quickly to big air off the hop and learned Speed Retrieve the next year and Extreme vertical last year. She is currently 10yo(approx) and we look forward to get some Iron Dog in. This girl gives it 110% with almost no fear. And the hooman also has taken to the sport and certified for manual judging to try and give back a little for a sport we now both love as opposed to the beatings my body takes catching her in flyball. LOL See you all at the pool!
Sharon Lynch Davis and Fred Davis with “Maise”, “Scout”, “Ciarrai” and “Brynna” Washington – , MA
Maise has been jumping for 9 years and started the obsession! She has been invited to DDWC every year in speed retrieve, and generally something else, be it big air or iron dog!
Eileen Gerber with “Fynnigan” Port Perry – , ON
Fynnigan is a 2 years old English Field Cocker Spaniel and new to docking diving. He has competed a few time in Big Wave in the lapdog category. We have allot to learning to do and I am hoping Fynnigan can add Speed Retrieve to his skills this year.
Rita Gregory and Doug Smuck with “Spirit”, “Cupid” and “Syber” – Hamilton – , ON
“Spirit, personal best 32’2; many 1sts and 2 nds in big air, learning ev, stopped him at 7’ at his second lesson, awarded best super elite team for 2021
Cupid won a mature in her first ever big air competition, average jump around 4’11.
Syber made it to super elite with a 25’ jump in big air, speed retrieve he has placed 1st and 2nd
Carol and Stefane Preston with “Bishop”, “Goose”, and “Mackinac” – Bothell – , WA/Roscommon – , MI
“Bishop and Carol-began competing in 2014 after attending “”try-its”” in Colorado and Ohio, Currently competing in Veteran BA and SR, retired from EV and ID. Highest Titles Achieved: National: BA Senior(PB 20’7), SR Turbo (PB 6.254), EV Top Gun (PB 6’4″”), ID Gladiator (PB 2910.81) Club: BA Master (PB 21’8″”), SR Turbo (PB 6.721), EV Top Gun (6’2″”), ID Titan (PB 2896.61)
Bishop is the heart and soul of our team. Our greatest accomplishment is that at 8 years old, he still takes the dock like a boss, and jumps with his whole heart. He might not be able to jump like he used to, but I don’t care. As long as he wants to have fun with me, I will let him play his games.
Goose and Carol-began competing in 2016
Currently competing in BA (Goose also competes with Stefane.) Highest Titles Achieved: National: BA Senior (PB 21’1″”), SR Express (PB 7.792)Club: BA Senior (PB 17’5″”)
Mackinac will be competing with Carol beginning in the 2022 season.
Our favorite part of dockdogs…..just having fun, being active, playing games with our dogs, seeing friends, meeting new people, achieving a stronger bond working as a team.”
Teresa Menz Cooper and Matthew Cooper with “Indy”, “Grae”, “Towes”, “Shark’Nado”, “Hossa Bickell Pickle”, “Cole”, “Jyn Erso” and “Ahsoka Tano” – Wiston Salem – , NC
We started in the fall of 2012 after shortly moving from Ohio to NC, when I wandered into a random dog festival with Indy and saw a pool. This year is our 10th season competing. My favorite part is watching allllll the different kinds of dogs who compete their hearts out. Team accomplishments: Watching Matt take over jumping Indy and turning her into an Iron Dog when she was 8years old. Toews making finals at worlds in Elite BA and Cadet EV(3rd) in 2017 and SR(4th) in 2020; Indy making Worlds Legend Dog finals in 2020(3rd) and 2021(5th); Jyn Erso making Worlds finals in Cadet EV in 2020. Also I will need forget the summer of 2018 when Toewsy started hitting SE jumps and won his first Pro division.
Keri McQuiggan with “Breeze” – Port Colborne – , ON
I have been involved in dog sports, mainly flyball and some Rally-O, for many years. Boston Terriers have been my breed since birth so having a top performer in my life has never been on my radar. Then along came Breeze…one of the most athletic Bostons you’ll ever meet. I started thinking that I might have a multisport star on my hands. Issues with the tendons in her paws while still young suggested that agility and lure coursing might not be the best choices for her. I’m not sure what made me turn to dock diving except that I had seen it at the Pet Expo and knew it would be less impact on her paws. I had access to pools at home and work so the training began. Fortunately, she has a massive drive to fetch (she actually doesn’t like to swim but she will fetch a toy any time, anywhere and in any weather). She competed in her first season wearing a life jacket and with a different league, earning invites to their championships for lap dogs and novice and had a personal best around 11′. The next season, we discovered Dock Dogs. We were able to ditch the life jacket and she ended the season with a PB of 15’2″, earning World invites for lap and junior. Our first World’s was an incredible experience although we didn’t place well. 2020 proved to be our most impressive season. With no flyball, we focused solely on dock diving and building confidence. We struggled at our first event and Breeze did not look like she was having fun. I changed the entire way we played the game and promised Breeze that our top priority would always be to have fun. That season, she hit at least 1 PB every weekend, finishing at 18’2″ and earning a World’s invite for lap. 2021 saw even more improvement. She started jumping in the 19’s and then, on a weekend where we were underperforming, she went out and jumped a 20’3″! To prove it wasn’t a fluke, she followed it up with a 19’11 and a 20’1″, earning World’s invites for senior and lap. We also received the 2021 ODD Pixar award for our animation, cheerleading and fun on the dock. She’s the farthest jumping Boston in Dock Dogs by over 2′ since 2014. Looking forward to another exciting season!
Bonnie Lariviere, Paul Volino and “Tiffany” (aka “Tiffybum”) & “Theodore” (aka Teddybear) – Toronto, ON
Hi, I’m Tiffany, a 7 year old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd! Me along with Mommy and Daddy (you know them as Bonnie Lariviere & Paul Volino) and my new little brother Teddy, we make up “Team TnT”.  My human parents may think they taught ME how to dockdive but really it was the other way around. I was jumping off anything and everything in the High Park creek and “bog”. Gotta give them some credit tho. I was scared of the clear water in the pools, but after helping me build up my confidence I’ve been non-stop!!!  2010-2011 was my rookie year and in it I quickly got my Novice, Junior and Senior BA Regional titles with Daddy and my Senior BA and Express SR Regional titles with Mommy when I started jumping with her later in the year. I have a personal bests of 19’1″ in BA and a 9.037 in SR…and been invited to the World Championships for the past 4 consecutive years!!! I qualified for last year’s Worlds by being the TOP ranked dog in the Junior Division and am now 5th in the World in the Junior Division after last year’s Worlds! Made alot of amazing friends in the process too. Wanna thank them all for all their patience, guidance and advice. They’re a big part of where “Team Tiffybum” is today and what “Team TnT” will be!! Got bit by the DockDog bug HARD, love every minute of it. Can’t wait for the season to start because most likely we’ll be “coming soon to a pool near you” to do my most favourite thing….JUMP!!!

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