Results & Title Information

Click here to see event results which are posted by the Dock Dogs National Club. Results from all events including Ontario DockDogs event are posted there – usually within 1-2 weeks from the conclusion of the event.

Title certificates are also provided by the National Club. You will receive an official title certificate if you are a DockDogs Worldwide member. If you are not a Dockdogs worldwide member you are still able to earn titles but will not receive the certificate.
To register for a DockDogs Worldwide membership please click here

A title is earned after 5 legs within the same division for Big Air (i.e you have jumped in 5 waves, and in each wave your farthest jump has been between 10′ and 14’11. This will earn you a junior title). You can earn a regional title by completing 5 legs within a division at a club event, and a national title by earning 5 legs within a division at a national event. Once you earn a title, you are not able to earn a title in a lower division (i.e Bob and Sparky have their Junior regional title, they are not able to earn a novice regional title but can work towards earning their senior regional title).

For Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog a title is earned after 3 scores within the same division. Regional and National titles are also able to be earned for these disciplines.

Congratulations to all competitors!

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