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PRESIDENT – Melissa Doren & “Guinness & Stella”
Mississauga, ON
Melissa found out about Ontario DockDogs in 2010 shortly after she got her first Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy “Guinness”. Wanting an activity to keep her new little redhead busy that didn’t require a lot of training, DockDogs seemed like a great fit – especially with a cottage to practice at! Guinness made his first official leaps at 8 months of age jumping straight into the Junior Division and now currently has his Master title and a personal best of 24 feet. Guinness also has competed in Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical and Iron Dog. Guinness has been the top ranked Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever with DockDogs Worldwide in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Guinness has also attended the DockDogs World Championships in Canton, Ohio in 2011 and in Dubuque, Iowa the last 4 years (2012-2015) At the end of 2013 “Stella”, a mixed breed, joined the family and took her first official leaps off the dock in 2015 earning her novice title! Her current personal best is 8’3″ and we are hoping to improve upon that in 2016! Away from the dock both Guinness and Stella enjoy agility and disc, hiking and conditioning work. Both dogs are also members of the Woofjocks and can be seen occasionally performing in places like Canada’s Wonderland and Purina Pawsway. Melissa was a director on the 2011 ODD board and the president for the 2012-2013. She is also a Registered Veterinary Technician.

VICE PRESIDENT – Cheryl MacIntyre & “Marlowe” and “Serendipity”
Richmond Hill, ON

I first saw DockDogs on ESPN about 3 years ago. The big winner was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. It was then, I knew what kind of dog I was after and what dog sport we would do together. I found, my boy, Marlowe, a Chessie Lab cross, in April of 2010. We began our journey in dog obedience classes and then to dog sports foundation training classes. Marlowe had a love for the water a a very young age…water bowls, puddles, ponds…anything wet…he was a natural fit for dock dogs! We worked on his toy drive and in February 2011 we entered our first event jumping 9′ 11″ winning in the novice division. We travelled around Ontario and Michigan feeding our DockDogs addiction! We finished 2011 with a personal best of 19’8″ in Big Air and competing in all 3 disciplines – Big Air, Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical! Marlowe earned his Senior Tile in his rookie year jumping. We are excited for the 2012 DockDogs season and will be found on the docks training the newest member of the family, Marlowe’s little sister, Serendipity (Seren). So far Miss Seren is more interested in chasing her brother and his toy in the water….we will continue to work on her toy drive and jumping this year!


TREASURER – Sheena Van Den Bergh & “Bosco”, “Ryker” and “Kona”
***Bio coming soon!!!***


SECRETARY – Carmen Heron & Jimmy
Burlington, ON

jimmyworlds2013I had seen a couple of DockDogs events over the years and I had always thought “Wow, it would be soooo cool to have a dog that would do that!” But I loved the American Eskimo breed so it didn’t seem likely…but then Jimmy came to me … a neglected, unsocialized 1 year old foster dog in May 2012, and he quickly stole my heart. After a couple of months watching him fling himself into our backyard pool, I decided “Why not try it? Maybe he’ll jump” and signed up. He did jump, and we both had a blast! We’ve been hooked ever since! As far as I can tell, Jimmy is the only American Eskimo Dog who has ever recorded jumps with Ontario DockDogs and DockDogs Worldwide! Jimmy has 3 canine companions at home including his bff, Jett, who is his most enthusiastic cheerleader but isn’t too sure about the whole jumping thing…




WEBSITE/VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Bonnie Lariviere, Paul Volino and “Tiffany” (aka “Tiffybum”) & “Theodore” (aka Teddybear)
Toronto, ON

614894_399997833401267_1946819184_oHi, I’m Tiffany, a 7 year old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd! Me along with Mommy and Daddy (you know them as Bonnie Lariviere & Paul Volino) and my new little brother Teddy, we make up “Team TnT”.  My human parents may think they taught ME how to dockdive but really it was the other way around. I was jumping off anything and everything in the High Park creek and “bog”. Gotta give them some credit tho. I was scared of the clear water in the pools, but after helping me build up my confidence I’ve been non-stop!!!  2010-2011 was my rookie year and in it I quickly got my Novice, Junior and Senior BA Regional titles with Daddy and my Senior BA and Express SR Regional titles with Mommy when I started jumping with her later in the year. I have a personal bests of 19’1″ in BA and a 9.037 in SR…and been invited to the World Championships for the past 4 consecutive years!!! I qualified for last year’s Worlds by being the TOP ranked dog in the Junior Division and am now 5th in the World in the Junior Division after last year’s Worlds! Made alot of amazing friends in the process too. Wanna thank them all for all their patience, guidance and advice. They’re a big part of where “Team Tiffybum” is today and what “Team TnT” will be!! Got bit by the DockDog bug HARD, love every minute of it. Can’t wait for the season to start because most likely we’ll be “coming soon to a pool near you” to do my most favourite thing….JUMP!!!


DIRECTOR – Shannon Murphy
***Bio and Pic coming soon!!!***


DIRECTOR – Sue Schultz and “Mickey & Maddie”
Buffalo, New York

untitled (48)FullSizeRenderMeet “Team Can-Am”.

Sue & Randy Schultz along with their two blue merle Australian Shepherds Mickey (age 7 years) and Maddie (age 10 months) make up this dynamic team from Buffalo, New York.  Mickey is Senior titled in Big Air, Express titled in Speed Retrieve, Cadet titled in Extreme Vertical (he may not go high but he has a lot of heart!), has his Iron Dog Warrior title and qualified for the 2015 Dockdog World Championships!!  Mickey hopes to compete in Dueling Dogs in the 2016 season while introducing his baby sister Maddie to his favourite pastime, dock-diving.



Nicole Brown and “Rowan”
Aylmer, Ontario
IMG_3044Nicole and Rowan jumped into dockdogs when she had trouble keeping him in the boat during summer outings on the lake. Rowan, a 2 year old Border Collie has the speed for the dock and loves getting wet. Although they just joined ODD this season, they are enjoying learning all 3 disciplines and hope to compete as an Iron Dog before the end of the year. When not jumping off docks Rowan also competes in agility, disk and rally obedience.






Karin Apfel and “Storm”
Bradford, Ontario

Karin is a dog trainer and obedience instructor at DogSmart Training who has a pair of Belgian Malinois who train and compete in a variety of sports, however, her rescued female Storm is the DockDogs star. Storm, like many rescue dogs, has some fear issues to work through, and DockDogs is a great environment that gives her the opportunity to experience many new things while still having a great time. Storm is addicted to dock diving and when she gets to the pool there is no slowing this girl down!
Karin and Storm are addicted to the discipline of Iron Dog and have been invited to the 2011 World Championships, Storm currently holds the Canadian outdoor record for Big Air with an incredible 26’3″ jump!





Kristina Bailey and “Askum, Panic” & “Shock Wave”
Bradford, Ontario

Kris and Shock

Kris has two Border Collies and a Border mix, Askum – 13 yrs is a rescue from Border Collie Rescue of Ontario and only does kiddie pools, “If I can’t touch the bottom, I am not going in”. Then there is Panic a Blue Merle Border Collie who gives 150% to anything he attempts. Panic – 10 years young has improved in leaps and bounds, securing himself National and Regional titles in the Senior division, although Panic does not participate much anymore he still makes an appearance at club events. Then there is the new addition “Shock Wave”, this little lap dog is a natural, at just 1 1/2 years of age he got himself a Worlds invite as the Top Canadian Lap Dog Facility ranking!  Well, we attended our first worlds and did very well for our first indoor event, Shock just missed making finals for Lap Dog but he sure did awesome, so proud of my little man!!


Dawn Farah and “Jynx”
Bradford, Ontario

Years ago, when DockDogs first came to Ontario, Dawn Farah tried her speedy little flyball dog, Jynx, at the sport and became instantly hooked. Jynx, a border collie/terrier mix was one of the biggest jumpers from the beginning even competing against much larger dogs, winning Lap Dog of Year Awards in 2007 and 2010. In 2008, when Speed Retrieve started, Jynx also proved to be a natural at that. In fact, she was invited to the World Championships that year, earning second place in the finals, and will always have the distinction of being the first lap dog to compete and the first Canadian dog to place at Worlds. Dawn is certified as an advanced SportMutt trainer, specializing in helping new dogs and owners get off the dock and into the pool and she is always available to assist at our events. Jynx is now a veteran dog, at nine years of age, and doesn’t fly quite as far as she used to, but she still loves the sport as much as ever.


Karen Horan & “Rosco” and “Blitz”
Mississauga, ON

386883_508723972487976_1079584858_n[1]Dec31 14 Blitz4Rosco is a 6yr old Parson Russell Terrier, He has been competing with Ontario Dock Dogs for the last 5 years. He loves the water and his ball his personal best came at The World Championship 13ft 4 inches. What a time to get a personal best when it counts his personal best earned him a spot in the finals. In Rosco’s downtime you might catch him modeling and acting he has done several print ads and has appeared in a TV show.

Meet Blindside hit “The Blitz” Blitz is a 10 month old Border Collie the newest addition to our family, Blitz will be debuting her Dock jumping ability this 2015 season. Her Momma is  hoping this pretty girl loves the water as much as her Brother Rosco does. Blitz has been training in agility. She knows over 30 different tricks.



Deloni Leslie and “Safari Ari”
Leamington, ON

“Safari” is the Swahili word for “journey” and this shepherd/collie mix is always up for an adventure!    Safari – or Ari for short – went from her first competition in August 2015 to placing second in Speed Retrieve (Nitro division) at the World Championships in November 2016.   Safari-Ari’s personal bests are 22’3” in Big Air, 5’10” in Extreme Vertical, and 5.857 seconds in Speed Retrieve.  She is currently the #1 ranked dog in Canada for Speed Retrieve and hopes to defend that title throughout the 2017 season.    Safari-Ari and Deloni are grateful to have been welcomed into the DockDogs family and can’t wait to see you on the dock!





Brent McLeod and “Rosco” & “Dash”
London, Ontario

Brent is from London Ontario and has two dogs. His 4 year old Chocolate Lab, Rosco, first jumped at a DockDogs event back at Carrot Fest in 2008. Rosco has attained his Big Air senior title and has a personal best of 16 feet.

His second dog is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois named Dash. In her first full year in DockDogs, she took home 1st place in every Extreme Vertical, Speed Retrieve and Iron Dog event she competed in. She reached personal bests of 20’9 in Big Air, 5.533 in Speed Retrieve, 7’2 in Big air and 3029.44 in Iron Dog.
Brent owns and operates Sit Means Sit Dog Training  in London, Ontario.




Mary-beth Ribble, Al Wright and the Canadian Lab Squad”
Caledonia, ON

CLSAl, Mary-beth and the Canadian Lab Squad Max, Jersey, Jemma, Louie (all rescues) and Marleigh had another great season in 2015. Once again, the boys all earned multiple invitations to the World Championship in Iowa. When not on the dock, Jersey is Hamilton’s first certified mould detection canine and also a therapy dog.  Jemma joined him in the pet therapy program and loves the attention.  All of the Lab Squad pups are canine blood donors. We are very much looking forward to getting back onto the dock with our pups and having fun in the 2016 season.  New for us this year, we have opened our own DockDogs’ Sanctioned Facility, K9 Fun Zone.  As well as dock diving, we have many other fun things for you and your dog to do!  Look us up and come out to play.  Hope to see you on the dock!



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